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NJ Landlord Tenant Law Attorneys

Law Offices of Michael Makarov, LLC provides legal representation to both landlords and tenants of commercial and residential properties in the following New Jersey counties:

  • Bergen County
  • Essex County
  • Hudson County
  • Passaic County
  • Morris County
  • Union County

We handle a variety New Jersey landlord tenant law related matters including the following:

  • Draft and review of New Jersey commercial lease agreements
  • Draft and review of New Jersey residential lease agreements
  • Recovery of security deposits and all other security deposit matters
  • Eviction proceedings
  • General compliance consultation for New Jersey landlords

NJ Security Deposit Laws

Security deposit disputes are very common in New Jersey courts. The following laws apply under most circumstances surrounding New Jersey security deposits. For more detailed information please see NJSA 46:8-19 Security Deposits.

  • Landlord can not collect as security deposit an amount greater than one month and a half of rent. See NJSA 46:8-21.2.
  • Landlord must deposit the security deposit in a bank, provide tenant with written notice stating the bank within 30 days of collecting the security deposit, and pay the tenant interest earned on the security deposit yearly.
  • Landlord must either return your full security deposit (plus interest in most circumstances) within 30 days after you move or provide you with a written notice stating what your security deposit was used for.
  • Security deposit can not be used to repair ordinary wear and tear. 
  • The court should award double damages to a prevailing tenant, plus costs and attorney’s fees if the tenant hired an attorney.

Tips for Tenants Renting in New Jersey

  • Take pictures of the place when you move in, especially of everything that is not in perfect condition. 
  • If something needs repair provide your landlord with a written notice stating what needs to be repaired.
  • Communicate with your landlord in writing, send all the notices through certified mail and keep all the records.
  • If you withhold rent from your landlord due to landlord’s failure to make necessary repairs you must save the money and not spend it on something else. When you go to court bring the money with you to avoid the possibility of eviction.
  • If you think your landlord is violating NJ landlord tenant law call a NJ landlord tenant attorney.
  • Know your basic rights. Reading Tenant’s Rights in New Jersey by the Legal Services of New Jersey is a great place to start.