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NY and NJ Entertainment Lawyers

Michael Makarov, Esq. at the Law Offices of Michael Makarov, LLC personally handles all legal matters for artists, athletes, and businesses in sports, media, and entertainment industries. Being an effective entertainment lawyer requires proficient knowledge in multiple legal fields, as well as familiarity with various entertainment industries. 

Legal Representation of Entertainers and Talent

The talent base of the entertainment industry is its heart and soul. The entertainment industry can be extremely rewarding for entertainers, but it is also a cutthroat industry that prays on young talent. It is absolutely critical for a young artist to find an entertainment attorney that they can trust as early as possible in the process. A good entertainment lawyer has the artist’s best interests in mind when it comes to not only finances but artist’s overall well-being including health, relationships, and preservation of artist’s control over their own career and artistic expression.

NY and NJ Music Industry Lawyers

We offer our services in New York and New Jersey to artists, producers, record companies, and publishers in the music industry. In the music industry, legal representation typically entails drafting, reviewing, and negotiating the following contracts:

  • Artist Management Agreements
  • Record Agreements between Artists and Record Companies
  • Producers’ Agreements
  • Composer and Music Publishing Agreements

NY and NJ Television and Film Industry Lawyers

We offer our services in New York and New Jersey to actors, studios, film companies, and production companies. Legal representation in the film industry typically includes: 

  • Artist Management Agreements
  • Production Related Matters
  • Development Deals
  • Distribution Agreements

We also offer our services to individuals and businesses involved in commercial theater, performance arts, and book publishing industry.

Legal Representation of Models

Legal representation of models, modeling managers, and modeling companies in New York and New Jersey typically entails the following:

  • Formation and Review of Modeling Agency Contracts
  • Disputes with Modeling Agencies
  • Models’ Image Protection and Intellectual Property Rights

NY and NJ Sports Lawyers

Our services for athletes, sports teams, and sports leagues include:

  • Contract Review for Agents and Players
  • Player-Agent Agreements
  • Employment Agreements for Players and Coaches
  • Endorsement Agreements and Right of Publicity Matters
  • Purchase Agreements

Contract Review in Sports and Entertainment Industry

Contract law is the centerpiece of entertainment law. Entering into any contract in this field without legal representation and guidance can be extremely dangerous. Every entertainment industry contract should be reviewed by an entertainment law attorney prior to being signed by the artist.

If you are involved in the sports or entertainment industry in New York or New Jersey and need services of a New York or New Jersey entertainment lawyer, please call our office to discuss your matter directly with an attorney.

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